Concrete made of 100% recycled material

  • Properties of concrete in declared classes are comparable to those of concrete made of natural aggregate
  • Volume density is up to 20% lower compared to concrete made of natural aggregate, bringing savings on transport and transfer
  • Thermal conductivity is up to 50% lower than in concrete made of natural aggregates, which achieves much better values in structural elements than traditional concrete elements
  • Purpose of use comparable in achieved technical parameters with concretes made from natural aggregates under standards in force
  • Dose of cement is up to 30% lower depending on cement properties compared to concrete made of natural aggregate
  • Life cycle is much longer, new concrete mixtures or prefabricates can be made repeatedly after the end of lifetime
  • Production reuses and activates components contained in recycled material
  • Contains nano particles for special stability properties of recycled aggregate and an activator of cement and lime components
  • Can be manufactured and processed by both industrial and manual application
  • Practically zero-waste production with a favourable environmental impact

Tailored solution

ERC-TECH tailored Solutions for Concretes from recycled aggregates/mixtures

ERC-TECH know-how, a combination of all its technical attributes such as:

  • Shape index of recycled aggregates, their faction and composition for mixtures
  • Suitable types of concrete additives depending on final use
  • Dosage of ingredients and binders
  • Suitable cement type
  • Nano Filler as an important factor for stability properties of recycled aggregates and an activator of cement and lime components
  • Mixing process
Ensures concrete quality, concrete class and technical specifications identical to those of traditional concrete mixtures made from natural aggregates


The recipes cover the following processing of recycled materials and conversion of inert C&DW to concrete mixtures:

Recycled concrete
(up to 100% recycled concrete)
Recycled brick, ceramics
(up to 100% recycled brick)
Recycled mixed material
(up to 100% recycled concrete/brick/concrete/mortar mixture)
Combination of all types of inert and mineral recycled materials up to 100%
Combination of individual types of recycled materials with a proportion of extracted aggregate <30%

with a precisely defined dose of additives and dose of Nano Filler.

Our R&D department is developing more recipes for more efficient composition, technique and economy of resulting concrete mixtures.

Mixed recycled material (100%)
(concrete, brick, ceramics, roof tiles, glass, stone)
Recycled concrete (100%)
Recycled brick (100%)
(brick, roof tiles)
Combination of mixed recycled material and recycled concrete (100%)
Combination of brick recycled material and recycled concrete (100%)
Combination of mixed recycled material and brick recycled material (100%)
Combination of mixed recycled material with addition of <30% of extracted aggregate
brick recycled material with addition of <30% of extracted aggregate
Combination of mixed recycled material and recycled concrete (100%) with addition of <5% of cement
Combination of brick recycled material and recycled concrete (100%) with addition of <5% of cement
Combination of concrete recycled material with addition of <30% of extracted aggregate
Of course we provide technical support to bespoke development of concrete products/prefabricates based on client requirements and diverse inert materials

Applications of ERC-TECH technological innovation and know-how:

Research and development

The ERC-TECH strategy is not based on a single product or design based on patent claims. Our development department constantly works on development of new technical designs for reuse of recycled mixtures for various types of applications.

We develop bespoke mixtures for various applied uses in the construction industry based on requirements of companies producing:

Special polished
Self-leveling and
self-compacting concretes

ERC-TECH R&D continues the research and development process for implementation of applications for:

Structural and thermal insulation composite

prepared concrete that meets thermal parameters under European standards (without addition of thermal insulation such as polystyrene, mineral wool, PUR, etc.)

Concrete heating applications

Thermal blocks (radiators) using 12 V to 230 V electricity for spatial heating in buildings and buildings with energy savings (suitable combination with solar energy)

Thermal energy storage

Reuse of waste energy from industry or central heating or power plants for storage of heat, its distribution and potential use for cooling


Concrete mixtures for robotic 3D printing techniques in civil engineering

Product use

The final products are always concrete mixtures subsequently usable for:

Transported concrete

Plain concrete made in a concrete plant, for monolithic structures, foundations, panels and panel components, subfloor and floor structures, decorative and noise-reducing elements, building foundations, and more


Prefabricated products from ercconcrete® – permanent formwork, wall elements, masonry load-bearing and infill bricks, decorative and effective elements, load-bearing and outer wall blocks, garden and paving blocks, decorative and effective facing, traffic interlocking paving, ceiling structures, reinforced pillars, and so on


Shotcrete application for reinforcing walls, structural and stabilising reinforcement, spraying on open formwork, filling of openings

Manual and individual processing

Manufacturing of ercconcrete® mortars, mending compounds, base plaster, filling of openings, etc. Special ercconcrete® products such as polystyrene-pearlite-concrete, wood-concrete and other combinations

Special decorative products

Polished tiling, antislip floors, sanded interior floors, decorative facing, dyed tiles, special surfaces (alternative for marble and granite)


ercconcrete® products are suitable for use in single-family housing, hotels, residential, office and industrial buildings, factory halls, special-purpose facilities, medical facilities, etc.

Concrete for prefabricates

ercconcrete® products for prefabrication, including elements for ceiling structures, reinforced pillars, walls (outer and inner, load-bearing and unloaded, infill), elements for sewerage, slotted troughs, prefabricated elements for wastewater treatment plants, etc.


ercconcrete® products for foundation footings or slabs made of plain or reinforced concrete, subfloor concrete, floors with finish resistant to physical or chemical strain based on proven parameters and certification

The concretes are made in existing mixing equipment with a special modification, which is not a major financial intervention, but consists in a certain technical modification for the purposes of the mixing process. The modification includes a SW adjustment for dosing of ingredients and mixing times.
The recipes are subject to the know-how, granted in the form of a licence.


Raw materials for production of concrete mixtures containing up to 100%:

Recycled mixed material
Recycled concrete
Recycled brick
They are usually produced at the concrete production plant supplied by external recycling companies, preparing input material quality based on quality requirements for final products.
The process employs only technologies available on the market today, capable of producing both input materials for production and concrete mixtures as final products.


ERC-TECH products based on the technology know-how are certified in accordance with EN 206 and their application, which have the following valid certificates and tests:

Certificates and tests:

  • Construction technical certificate
    no. 060-045845 of 7 November 2017
  • Certificate of Production Management System
    no. 204/C5/2017/060-045847 of 21 November 2017
  • Report on measurement and assessment of contents of radionuclides in construction materials
    no. 326/2017 of 10 November 2017
  • Report on testing for chlorides
    no. 060-045842 of 24 October 2017
  • Report on testing for alkali-siliceous expansion
    no. 060-045843 of 24 October 2017
  • Ecotoxicology testing pursuant to Table 10.2 of Decree
    dno. 294/2005 Coll.
  • Report on results of Production Management System
    no. 060-045846 of 21 November 2017
  • Report on measurement and assessment of contents of radionuclides in construction materials
    no. 325/2017 of 10 November 2017
  • Report on testing of concrete type with recycled materials
    no. 060-045840 of 10 November 2017
  • Report on testing for alkali-siliceous expansion
    no. 060-045844 of 24 October 2017
  • Report on testing Determination of ecotoxicity of concrete
    no. 22601/2017 of 16 November 2017

* concrete – fresh and iron concrete

The product parameters meets the strictest criteria of requirements for concrete mixtures for all the world markets.