Know how

ERC-TECH know-how is intended primarily for:

With good initial planning and design of buildings or a thought-out structure of products for construction uses, recovery of up to 100% inert materials from recycling C&DW can be implemented very successfully and will considerably help sustainable development in the area of future buildings and structures.
ERC-TECH know-how does not replace the construction industry, but is an important addition to it from the perspective of rational and maximum use of raw materials, which today lie in disposal sites and landfills.
  • Public administration
  • Municipalities
  • Manufacturers of concrete mixtures
  • Manufacturers of prefabricated elements
  • Manufacturers of cement and concrete refinement additives
  • Construction companies
  • Demolition companies
  • Recycling companies
  • Developer companies
  • Small and medium construction industry businesses
  • Large construction groups in the construction industry

Know how brings

ERC-TECH know-how and technological solutions brings:

  • 100% Use of recycled mixtures of different species, such as – Mixed recycled – Concrete recycled – Brick recycled – Ceramics etc.
  • Use of different types recycled aggregates have no effect on the resulting quality of manufactured concrete mixtures
  • Recycled aggregates cannot be prepared on all kinds of crushers (only on the selected type of crushers)
  • The fraction, size and shape of recycled aggregates have a major impact on the resulting quality / parameters and the concrete class
  • Nano Filler significantly enhances the physical properties of recycled aggregates
  • Nano Filler creates a very strong grid for reinforcement recycled aggregates
  • Recycled aggregates treated with Nano Filler thus achieve the same properties as natural aggregates and thus achieve the first important property for the excellent properties results of concrete mixtures
  • Nano Filler with suitable Cement and selected Admixtures activate old binders (cements, lime and other binders) that are contained in recycled aggregates
  • Cement content in our concrete mixtures is lower for up to 30% than concrete with standard natural aggregates and sands using re-activation content the old binders
  • The properties of Concrete made from recycled aggregates have a significant impact on the shrinkage and have very best workability in outside higher air temperature (warm areas)
  • The technological process of dosing and mixing is completely different that of concrete production from traditional mixing process
  • Concrete produced by ERC-TECH‘s patent-protected process can be produced on standardized equipment‘s after minor technical modifications
…and others important technical matters and procedures of ERC-TECH know-how.

Machinery and equipment

ERC-TECH technological innovation and know-how utilise the following machinery

Based on more than ten years of experience in technology for production of concrete mixtures/products from up to 100% of recycled aggregate, we offer technology assistance and bespoke preparation of fresh concrete for both standards and specific construction projects.
Our technology specialists will adjust the mixture composition and the mixing procedures for better or modified final concrete properties. Thanks to our constant development and experience of production operations in various countries of the world, we achieve ever improving quality in implemented concrete mixtures made based on the ERC-TECH know-how.

Mixing equipment:

Stationary horizontal concrete plants or mobile concrete plants, or tower concrete plants
Mixing type:

  • Plate mixers
  • Single-shaft mixers
  • Double-shaft mixers
  • Planetary gear mixtures

Production of prefabricates:

  • Vibration-pressed prefabricates
  • Reinforced concrete prefabricated structures
  • Small and medium-scale prefabrication
  • Prefabricates as an alternative to monolithic concrete structures
  • Concrete sandwich panels
  • Cast concrete products
  • Road panels, noise barriers, sandwich panels, double walls
  • and more broad options …

Processing and fraction sorting:

Final preparation of the recycled raw material for subsequent production of concrete mixtures, divided into several fractions

TRecycled mixture sanitising and disinfection process:

Using a sanitising unit, containing UV lamps and a final eco-friendly and degradable spray for disinfection and prevention of ecotoxicity

Recycled mixture preparation:

Plant used for crushing of inert materials with an input size up to xx00 mm, such as all types of construction waste, brick debris, concrete or natural aggregate. The crushing and sorting output is recycled raw material produced based on the fraction sieves


Plant used for sorting of C&DW into inert and mineral materials and into plastics, iron, paper, earth, clay and other undesirable materials, which can be efficiently recycled after sorting.


As part of its licensing services and technical servicing, ERC-TECH provides the following:

  • Granting of rights to all certificates and attests for construction products and work procedures according to the IP and know-how
  • Granting of all ERC-TECH recipes (15 currently) for production of concrete mixtures from recycled materials originating from inert construction and demolition waste for the construction industry
  • Provision of factory standards for overall technology design and for production of concrete mixtures or products under “Factory Standard GB 206” under ISO 9001, ISO 14001 and OHSAS in accordance with ERC-TECH know-how and IP
  • Technical servicing for implementation of production of concrete mixtures, prefabricates and other concrete products
  • Technical support to bespoke development of concrete products/prefabricates based on client requirements and diverse inert materials as part of ERC-TECH R&D
  • Engineering with supply of suitable technologies for processing of construction and demolition waste and production of concrete mixtures
  • Technical support with recommendation for potential adjustments to existing production plants and machinery for processing of construction demolition waste, as well as production of recycled materials and concrete mixtures, including small and medium-scale prefabrication, or selection of technology as needed by our licence partners
  • Assistance in product and production quality inspection at our licence partners
  • Marketing and sales support to our licence partners