ERC-TECH know-how utilises waste categories 1701, 1701 01, 1701 02, 1701 03, 1701 07 without hazardous properties such as: concrete, mixed concrete/brick, brick, ceramic, roof tiles, sanitary products

ERC-TECH know-how includes a comprehensive procedure for the most efficient reuse and processing of inert and mineral C&DW without hazardous properties and production of first-rate concrete and concrete products usable for all types of construction business.

The production of concrete mixtures and prefabricates uses exclusively inert, specially technologically treated and sanitised recycled materials, primarily:

Recycled concrete
Recycled mixed material
Recycled brick
The inert and mineral construction demolition waste covered by the ERC-TECH know-how include:
Sanitary products
Mixtures of

(* bricks, roof tiles and ceramic products, mortars, residual plasters, etc.)

The ERC-TECH know-how always works with recycled materials, which are a very important component for the structural skeleton of concrete mixtures.

Process diagram

The technological process diagram shows the procedure for turning demolition waste into final products

Processing system

Výslednými produkty jsou vždy betonové směsi následně použitelné pro:

Transported concrete

Plain concrete made in a concrete plant, for monolithic structures, foundations, panels and panel components, subfloor and floor structures, decorative and noise-reducing elements, building foundations, and more


Prefabricated products from ercconcrete® – permanent formwork, wall elements, masonry load-bearing and infill bricks, decorative and effective elements, load-bearing and outer wall blocks, garden and paving blocks, decorative and effective facing, traffic interlocking paving, ceiling structures, reinforced pillars, and so on


Shotcrete application for reinforcing walls, structural and stabilising reinforcement, spraying on open formwork, filling of openings

Manual and individual processing

Manufacturing of ercconcrete® mortars, mending compounds, base plaster, filling of openings, etc. Special ercconcrete® products such as polystyrene-pearlite-concrete, wood-concrete and other combinations

Special decorative products

Polished tiling, antislip floors, sanded interior floors, decorative facing, dyed tiles, special surfaces (alternative for marble and granite)


ercconcrete® products are suitable for use in single-family housing, hotels, residential, office and industrial buildings, factory halls, special-purpose facilities, medical facilities, etc.

Concrete for prefabricates

ercconcrete® products for prefabrication, including elements for ceiling structures, reinforced pillars, walls (outer and inner, load-bearing and unloaded, infill), elements for sewerage, slotted troughs, prefabricated elements for wastewater treatment plants, etc.


ercconcrete® products for foundation footings or slabs made of plain or reinforced concrete, subfloor concrete, floors with finish resistant to physical or chemical strain based on proven parameters and certification

The concretes are made in existing mixing equipment with a special technical modification, with minimum financial participation for the purposes of an effective mixing process based on ERC-TECH know-how.
The modification includes a SW adjustment for dosing of ingredients and mixing times.
The recipes are subject to IP and patent claims, granted in the form of a licence.

Raw materials for production of concrete mixtures containing up to 100%:

Recycled mixed material
Recycled concrete
Recycled brick
They are usually supplied by external recycling companies or produced at the concrete production plant, depending on the requirements for input material quality based on quality requirements for final products.
The process employs only technologies and machinery available on the market today, capable of producing input materials/recycled ingredients for production of concrete mixtures and final concrete products.