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ERC-TECH “Effective Recycling Concrete Technology” brings a revolutionary solution for the construction industry along with a comprehensive handling of environmental burdens connected with disposal of inert construction and demolition waste.

The sustainability in the ERC-TECH concept includes environmental protection, social responsibility and economic profitability with a significant contribution to circular economy.
ERC-TECH provides licensing services and technical servicing closely related to the patented know-how.
ERC-TECH is a global innovator in the development of concrete and concrete construction elements with 100% recycled aggregate.
The last 10 years have been dedicated to developing the know-how; they culminated in a successful registration of international patents.

ERC-TECH employs a highly professional and expert human base with more than 20 years of practical experience in:

Production of concrete
mixtures and prefabrication
Recycling of construction
and demolition waste
Production of
Construction work

Which it has amalgamated in a single whole, developed a concept system and solution procedure, protected by patent proceedings worldwide.

Quality and parameters of concrete mixtures and products are a priority at ERC-TECH.
ERC-TECH has designed a new technology concept for sustainable development in the construction industry on a global scale, bringing new business opportunities with a significant economic and environmental impact on individual countries and regions.

Key Facts

We turn up to 100% of waste into raw materials and first-class products with a wide range of product applications in construction industry with a major environmental benefit

ERC-TECH have developed unique dosing and stirring of the mixture a completely new system of processing and manufacturing of concrete with high efficiency and accuracy – resulting in consistent-quality production of concrete from recycled mixtures codified in several special recipes
ERC-TECH know-how covers processing of recycled mixtures from inert C&DW, mainly: concrete, bricks, paving’s, ceramics, sanitary products, mixtures – concrete/bricks, roof tiles and ceramic products, mortar and the likes
ERC-TECH unique patented technological process of mixing and dosing recycled mixtures with nanofillers along with reactivation of binders present in recycled mixtures make ercconcrete® 1st class quality material despite reduced cement doses up to 30%.
ERC-TECH concrete classes for construction C 8/12 to C 30/37 and higher have been tested, verified and certified in accordance with EN 206 at the “Technical and Testing Institute of Construction” (TZÚS) in Prague
Thermal conductivity coefficient of ERC-TECH concrete range C 25 (EN 12667) averages 0,460 W/ (m.K) which reduces thermal losses by up to 52% and is the world ‘s lowest value for concrete without special additives
ERC-TECH have 66 pending patents covering technological process, mixture recipes and related know-how and have received certificates of full compliance with industry standards for concrete mixtures


Our know-how is patent-protected. It comprises 66 patent claims in major areas of the world

ERC-TECH know-how and patents define and amalgamate the environmental and production areas of industry for most economically effective and fully ecological solution to the issue of up to 100% reuse of construction and demolition waste by turning it into fully-fledged concrete mixtures and concrete products usable for diverse construction work with significant savings of natural resources, fuels and energy, with a noticeable effect of CO2 emission reduction.

Patent applications were filed in 2018 and 2019 within UPV Prague and the international patent organization PCT and in individual patent offices countries at the national level under the designation
• PV 2019-375 • PV 2019-586
• PV 2020-79 • PV 2020-85
• PV 2020–307 • PCT/CZ2018/050012
• PCT/CZ2020/050006 • PCT/CZ2020/050007

Technical Field:

Plain concrete and dry mixtures for its preparation

Concrete construction elements or prefabricates made from such concrete

Plain concrete preparation method

Abstract Patent‘s

Description of the Invention:

Concrete a dry mix for the preparation of concrete, and a method for preparing this concrete from 100% recycled aggregates lower cement content in basic design, further in combination cement with GGBS, Fly Ash and others alternative binders

The invention also relates to a dry mixture for the preparation of this concrete, as well as a concrete product or prefabricate made of this concrete.
Furthermore, the invention also relates to a process for the preparation of fresh concrete.


Stop landfilling for good and minimise environmental burdens.

Solve the global problem of reuse of inert and mineral waste from construction demolition and landfills, and reuse these raw materials for products and structures.
Ensure sustainable development in the construction industry and bring new business opportunities with maximum positive environmental impact for regions and countries of the whole world.
Bring new, social and societal benefits in the form of new job opportunities.
Conserve natural resources and energy as much as possible.
Financial savings and environmental benefits for all countries of the world by means of efficient reuse of recyclable materials.
Achieve an identical quality for products made of recycled materials originating from construction and demolition waste in the form of all types of concrete mixtures and concrete products in the construction industry.


As part of its licensing services and technical servicing closely related to the patented know-how, ERC-TECH provides the following:

  • Exclusive licences for IP and know-how, including technical design, for a period of 20 years covered by a licence agreement with the licence holder in a public list of the patent register (territorial protection)
  • Sales licence for a quantity of processed C&DW for a period of 10 years (sales and local protection)
  • Granting of rights to all certificates and attests for construction products and work procedures according to the IP and know-how
  • 15 recipes for production of concrete mixtures from recycled materials originating from inert construction and demolition waste for the construction industry
  • Provision of factory standards for overall technology design and for production of ercconcrete® mixtures under „Factory Standard GB 206” under ISO 9001, ISO 14001 and OHSAS in accordance with ERC-TECH know-how and IP
  • Bespoke development of concrete products/prefabricates as part of ERC-TECH R&D based on client requirements and diverse inert materials
  • Recommendation for selection of technology and potential adjustments to existing production plants and machinery for processing of construction demolition waste, production of recycled materials and concrete mixtures, including small and medium-scale prefabrication
  • ERC-TECH servicing agreement for the duration of the contractual relationship in connection with granting or sale of licences
  • Product and production quality inspection
  • Marketing and sales support


Most important contact details:

ERC-TECH a. s.
Vyšehradská 1349/2
Nové Město 128 00, Praha 2
Czech Republic – Europe

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